• Terms of Use (of the Website)

    The Universal Gift Card website allows cardholders of prepaid cards provided by Corporate Prepaid Cards (CPC) and Gift Card Store (GCS) to activate their prepaid Mastercard, prepaid eftpos, and FAREPAY CARD, access account information including card balance and transaction history and to perform other key card functions eg change their PIN, block a card if it is lost or stolen (or its accompanying plastic card is misplaced).

  • Conditions of Use

    The website is available for use by cardholders in receipt of a gift card or cards purchased by an organisation from CPC and/or a gift card or cards from an individual or organisation purchasing gift cards from Gift Card Store.

    It is the cardholder's responsibility to keep their website log-in safeguarded and to not share card details, PIN information and any other card details with anyone else.

    Per card Terms and Conditions, we may suspend or terminate your use of your card without notice at any time, if for example, we suspect unauthorised transactions have occurred.

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