Plastic cards

  • 1. Ensure your card is activated before use.
  • 2. Once your card is activated and you are logged in, make sure you add a PIN to your card as a PIN is required for all cards.
  • 3. For security reasons, for your first instore purchase you will need to insert your card into the POS terminal rather than tap it.  You will be able to tap and pay for all other transactions.
  • 4. When you are using your card to make a purchase, select CREDIT and enter your 4-digit PIN if a PIN is requested.
  • 5. You may also be asked for your CVV number which is the 3-digit number of the back of your plastic card.

Digital cards

If your card is PAYS enabled you can add it to either your Google Pays Wallet or your Apple Pay Wallet.

  • 1. Locate the wallet app on your smartphone (most modern tablet and phone devices have the app already installed) then enter your card information. The app allows you to store multiple cards. When adding your card you will need to follow a few prompts within the App Pays Wallet to authenticate you as the owner of the card. These steps are dependent on the App Pays Wallet you are using.
  • 2. When making an instore purchase using your smartphone, log into your Pays Wallet App, and then pass or wave your phone over the terminal where the contactless logo is located.
  • 3. When shopping on your smartphone, you can also use your Pays Wallet to make purchases in specific apps.
  • 4. When using a shopping app, such as one for buying food or a ride-share service, you could opt to use your digital wallet as the payment option.
More information can be found here for Google Pays Wallet or Apple Pay.
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